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Trophy Scars’ Holy Vacants announced for April

Trophy Scars 2014

Sometimes, I have no words for Trophy Scars. Thankfully that is not today, but I thought it worth mentioning, because when a band leaves you speechless, it is certainly something of note, and so when said band announce a release date for a new album, and put out a new song in anticipation of said album release, it’s probably a good idea to say so, so that your readers know exactly how super cereal you are.

Chameleonic throughout their career, as all the best bands are, the New Jerseyan quartet began way back in 2002 as a summer project for vocalist Jerry Jones and brothers John and Brian Ferrara, who play guitar and drums respectively. Obviously they got a bit sidetracked, and three albums and four EPs later, they are something of a fixture in the North Eastern U.S. scene.

Their earlier sound was probably more post-hardcore than anything, but they’ve consistently defied convention and released a string of experimental rock releases over the past decade or so. Their first EP Hospital Music For The Aesthetics Of Language was my own entryway, and included references and samples from media as far-ranging as Finding Nemo to Buffalo ’66 - but their true masterpiece for me is 2011′s Never Born Never Dead. Again, they

Today the band have finally announced their forthcoming fourth album Holy Vacants is to be released in April through Monotreme Records. Fans have been waiting for a while, so consider this sweet relief my friends!

A couple of songs have already made their way online – “Qeres” and “Hagiophobia” – and you can take a look at those below:

The full tracklisting and art have also been revealed, which look something like this:

Trophy Scars - Holy Vacants01. Extant
02. Qeres
03. Archangel
04. Crystallophobia
05. Burning Mirror
06. Hagiophobia
07. Chicago Typewriter
08. Vertigo
09. Gutted
10. Every City, Vacant
11. Everything Disappearing
12. Nyctophobia

Holy Vacants will be released April 8th through Monotreme Recordsd. Preorder here!