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Faroese dudes Tyr are horsing around in the darkness with their new song

Tyr Valkyrja

Oh look, it’s time for another Tyr song. Joyous day! We’ve covered Faroese melodic folk metal host Tyr here before, when they released the first song from their upcoming new full length album, Valkyrja. The first song, titled “Blood of Heroes” was fantastic, being just the kind of catchy, melodic heaviness that we’ve all come to expect from the mighty band. Having drums provided by the Greek drumming god George Kollias of Nile didn’t hurt either.

But wait, there’s more! Now, a second song from the album has been released for our listening pleasure. The new tune is called “Mare of My Night” and it is yet another dose of the melodic catchiness for which the band have become famous. It opens with heavy hitting chords and drums, and then slowly becomes more melodic as it moves into the main body of the song. It is quite sexually explicit for a Tyr song – the most explicit song they’ve written according to vocalist/guitarist Heri Joensen – but we can’t see that our readers here objecting to slightly sexual lyrics. If you do, please direct your complaints to the nearest brick wall; you’ll find it just as compliable as we are.

The song itself, in my opinion, isn’t quite as good as “Blood of Heroes” but is still very tasty. The anthemic chorus is present, and the great instrumental work is there. I am quite looking forward to the album, and then hopefully some live shows. Tyr are amazing live; worth every penny of entry.

The song can be streamed over at MetalInsider.

Valkyrja will see release on September 17th through Metal Blade Records. It’s still way too far away for any semblance of patience, but alas!

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