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Tyr’s story of Viking glory has a new chapter with new song “Another Fallen Brother”

Tyr Valkyrja

Ah yes, Tyr should be familiar to you by now, since we have covered them twice in recent weeks when they have released new songs from their upcoming concept album Valkyrja.

It will be the Faroese folk metal foursome’s seventh full length album, and this one will have a loose story about a Viking warrior who leaves his woman to go fight on the battlefield to impress the valkyries so that he may go to Valhalla. The band are named for the Nordic god associated with law and heroic glory, so this is certainly a story that fits with their inspirational namesake.

The first two songs released, “Blood of Heroes” and “Mare of My Night“, were good showings, bringing good tidings about the album. Today, Metal Hammer Germany premiered a third track from the mighty album.

The newest tune is called “Another Fallen Brother“. It is the most up-tempo song so far, starting with a speedy harmonized riff. The chorus has a fairly jaunty sort of rhythm to it, contrasting the verses which are straighter and sharper, and the guitar harmonies are wonderful. This song may be the best song so far in terms of guitar playing. The crowning moment is the brief, but utterly tasty guitar solo, which comes right after a heavy bridge. Frontman Heri Joensen sounds at his vocal best here; there are times where he really gets into what he’s singing, dipping into something almost like a growl.

One thing I have noticed about this and the other songs is that they seem a touch darker than the rest of Tyr’s material. They’ve never been the folk metal Journey or anything, but Valkyrja just seems a bit more sinister in tone, despite the bouncier feel of some of the melodies.

Go listen to the song here, and don’t forget to catch Tyr on their upcoming European tour with Finntroll and Skalmold (seriously! I can’t and want to live vicariously through you all) Valkyrja can be pre-ordered here, and is out September 17th through Metal Blade Records.

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