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Ulcerate’s new song is heavy, bro

Ulcerate - Vermins

Ulcerate are an avant-garde death metal band that take death metal and mix it with musical cues from the crawling dark chaotic void. They formed in 2000 in New Zealand, and began spewing out chaotic, crushing, heavier-than-a-thousand-suns death metal, though their first full length album would not see release until 2007. They followed that up in 2009 with the skin-melting Everything Is Fire and 2011’s The Destroyers of All. They have also been signed to Relapse Records. The year is now 2013, and Ulcerate are ready to unleash their new album Vermis on the world. We wrote about the first song released for it, and now they’re giving us another taste of it by making a second song available for streaming.

The new song, titled “Weight of Emptiness” is a massive, dank, ghastly piece of work, embodying all the mind fucking, challenging aspects that the band are known for. The song opens with ominous guitars and drums that pound like a throbbing hangover headache. Then, once the body of the tune kicks in it is easy to find that your mind is fragmenting slowly and becoming lost in the endless space and hopelessness that the song provides. There is no relenting, and nothing stays the same long enough to adjust; it keeps you off kilter throughout with odd riffs and heavy bludgeoning rhythms. The fear is palpable, as if drifting slowly through space, with no hope of rescue. The only comparable band would be Portal, but Ulcerate is far better than Portal.

Ultimately, Ulcerate have become a huge force in death metal, with their atmospheric brand of technical death metal. Their precision and strangeness could go alongside the likes of Gorguts and Deathspell Omega.

Vermis will be out September 17th on Relapse Records.

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