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United Nations continue previews for forthcoming second album

United Nations - The Next Four Years album art

United Nations, the supergroup formed by Thursday‘s Geoff Rickly almost a decade ago, are back. This is good news. They only ever brought out one album and an EP, but damn were they good if you like your empassioned, cathartic screamo.

They’re one of those enigmas – for the longest time, Rickly was the only confirmed member despite the likes of Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw), Ben Koller (Converge) and Lukas Previn (Acid Tiger) making appearances – but they’re less so now as they prepare to release their second album The Next Four Years.

So named in reference to the Black Flag album The First Four Years, and because they started gigging again last year exactly four years after their belated first show, TNFY is due out pretty soon, and so as is customary, we’ve been hearing cuts from the records, including “Serious Business” and “Meanwhile On Main Street“, but as we approach the release date, they’ve released a third called ”United Nations Vs. United Nations“:

Title-wise, “United Nations Vs. United Nations” sums up the band’s history pretty succinctly: they’ve had a lot of troubles with the existing United Nations – you know, that famous international intergovernmental organisation – from a legal perspective, and the larger has tried to shut down the smaller on many occasions, but to no avail. It’s all very punk rock, and seems to influence the band’s tongue-in-cheek commentary of the world around them.

Musically, it’s another belter. This style speaks to the angry teenager in me, and is less “look what I can do” and much more about climbing flagpoles and knocking over street signs. The vocals are raw and hoarse, but sit well back in the mix, allowing the main crushing to be done by the instruments.

The Next Four Years is out July 15th though Temporary Residence Limited and is available for pre-order here!