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Brand new prog-metal – Verse Vica from North Carolina

Verse Vica

We’ve had a couple of excitable emails buzzing around our inbox in the last couple of weeks about brand new Asheville, NC progressive metal outfit Verse Vica. Usually press types are very enthusiastic anyway – it’s their job, after all – but this particular one brought about a particularly worrying gurn, so we thought we’d better take a look before she had to go to the emergency room.

Today the band have released a first full look at their sound with the track “Ravenholm“, debuted by our heavy blogging brothers Heavy Blog Is Heavy:

And at 6+ minutes it’s a fairly meaty slice of the forthcoming EP from which it’s taken, entitled Endeavor. Regarding the track, guitarist Paul Meisner had this to say:

“It was very difficult for us to pick which song to release first, but we went with ‘Ravenholm’ since it shows off a few of our different musical styles and influences. It also has a really fun lyrical concept based around a classic section of the video game Half-Life 2, which we love. With this track in contrast to some of the softer and lighter material from the album preview we released recently, people should have a good idea of what to expect on the full record,”

Anyone who’s played Half-Life 2 will know that Ravenholm – the location of the aptly titled level ‘We Don’t Go To Ravenholm’ – is one of the most iconic sections of the game, replete with creepy zombies and headcrabs at every turn. It was also quite progressive in terms of gameplay design – your only weapon was the now famous gravity gun and the deadly environment around you.

Verse Vica definitely take you through the gamut. The beginning is very Between The Buried And Me, and the Spanish guitar break after two minutes is also something they would do, but it’s handled well, and the crunchy guitar tone is pleasing.

We’re promised a hybrid of prog, metal and post-rock from Endeavor, the latter of which we know guitarist Meisner can handle – his former band Issachar crafted some lovely, spacey melodies with their The Tide EP a couple of years ago. Something to keep an eye on.

Endeavor is due out October 6th. You can download “Ravenholm” via the Soundcloud embed above, and the rest of the tracklist will look like this:

01: Airyth
02: Cities I: Cerulean
03: Verdugo
04: Ravenholm
05: Marumari
06: Djinn
07: Koholint
08: Cities II: Saffron