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Yeah, these guys still do things.

Grunge. What exactly is it? Can you define grunge? I mean, when someone asks you to name a grunge band, we can do it without hesitation, but when someone asks “what makes a band ‘grunge’?” we usually fall into an uncomfortable silence. To me, grunge is the genre that you dump bands into when they’re too heavy to be soft rock, but too soft to be heavy metal. When a band is too…good to be considered punk, but not quite progressive enough to fall into prog. Which is why grunge is so closely associated with alternative – they both mean nothing. They are both the genre equivalent of “other”. Fuck, I know people that describe Primus as grunge. What? Ah fuck it, who cares.

Well Soundgarden, those guys that did that song that you listened to for a while in the 90s, have released a new album, King Animal, recently. By recently, I mean November 2012, but they’re still milking it as they have released a new music video for “Halfway There“. Now, apparently that album was actually quite good (even climbing to no. 5 on the billboard top 200), however, I wouldn’t know – I haven’t listened to it.

But I DID listen to this one. Halfway there (woah-oh, living on a…sorry).

The song itself is a little dull, if I’m entirely honest. It has the usual Soundgarden ring to it, and Cornell still has a lovely voice, but it just seems a little dry. Very little is really going on. I’ve listened to it a few times now and I can’t remember any of the guitar riffs at all. This song falls into the “background track” category; for use while you’re looking at stupid pictures or aimlessly scrolling through Facebook. I doubt that you would stop your mindless scouring of the internet to exclaim “Shit, that was epic!” at any point during this tune. It seems like they are…halfway there to writing a good song, so I dub this track “exceedingly average”, and we shall move on.

The video, however, is actually very interesting. It is well shot, with some brilliant settings and powerful images. The bright lights and colours add a very spiritual (note: this does not mean magic) feel, creating a chilled out, ethereal atmosphere. The space scenes are very well presented, and the strange colours only enhance the visuals. The spaceman seems oddly calm though. Even when he appears to be crashing into the sun. Maybe that’s because he’s tripping balls. Maybe he’s not even in space at all. Who knows.

My overall verdict is this; average song, nice video. Check it out, maybe I’m wrong.