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Second new Watsky cut feat. Anderson .Paak

George Watsky Warped Tour

“I’ve done my share of fucked up things that didn’t get on Gawker”

It’s no secret that the lyrics are most often drawn from personal experience – the triumphs and tribulations of the lyricist – and in this regard honesty is the best policy. You can often elicit a strong reaction from your audience, and the more honest and open you are, the better chance of connection.

It’s this facet which makes “Ink Don’t Bleed“, the second new track from San Francisco rapper George Watsky‘s forthcoming album All You Can Do, so utterly potent.

If you’ve heard anything about Watsky in the last year, it will have been in the wake of his seriously misguided above-stage antics on the UK leg of last year’s Warped Tour. A stunt of epically ill-conceived proportions, he climbed 35ft up the stage rigging at London’s Alexandra Palace and, at the climax of his final song “I Don’t Give A Fuck” he leapt and landed on two fans, causing back injuries to one man and breaking the arm of a girl.

Ink Don’t Bleed” addresses the incident, for which George was profusely and shamefully apologetic, in some detail; in particular the lines: “we dismiss our heroes’ skeletons no matter how grim // my fans saying “I’d be honored to be injured by him // well fam, this branch is thin, but i’ll go out on a limb // to say she didn’t love her ulna poking out of her skin.”

The song goes on, and addresses more broadly the forgiveness afforded those in the public spotlight when their faults are so publicly reported, and rebukes the adage that all publicity is good publicity. It’s clear that, in the time since the event he’s ruminated on it a lot and feels terrible about it, but also rues the “stupid and irresponsible” tags now slapped on him because of it, which potentially could have – and probably did – lose him a few current and potential fans.

Musically, the tracks is groovy as hell. The off-kilter intro drops into a dubby bassline, and bluesy guitar leads freestyle over the top lend extra soul to an already impassioned track.

In case you missed it, the more upbeat “Whoa Whoa Whoa” was released last week, along with a star-studded video featuring Jim Belushi, Bo Burnham and Chinaka Hodge.

All You Can Do is still a way off yet – it’s due out on August 12th – but Watsky is known for creating a lot of videos and promotional material, so this is certainly not the last we’ve heard until then.

He’s currently out on this summer’s U.S. Warped Tour, and is then off to Europe, but is likely to be on the road for four or five months, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to catch him live. Pretty sure he won’t be jumping on anyone any time soon though.