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White Arms Of Athena debut second new song

White Arms Of Athena 2014

It’s a week of second songs, it seems! This time it’s the turn of Texan prog quintet White Arms Of Athena, who follow up last month’s “Heavy Sleep” with “On The Edge“. I’d imagine waking up from a heavy sleep will put you on the edge, so maybe there’s a theme? Maybe not. I’ve not had much sleep myself, so ignore my inane ramblings and just listen to the song, okay?

The band and various others who’ve heard the record have been saying that this new album is quite a departure from their debut Astrodrama, and this proves they’re not lying – things are getting even proggier up in here, and it’s going to take some getting used to for fans. I’m honestly not sure about this song yet. It’s ethereal, utilising some really interesting techniques, and Tomas Sifuentes’ bass playing throughout is measured and smart, but Josh Everett’s vocals let it down slightly. He’s a great singer – he was one of the real highlights of the last album – but something doesn’t quite work here.

I’m really interested to see where the rest of the record goes however. White Arms Of Athena is due out December 2nd via Prosthetic Records. Not long now! If you pre-order digitally, you can get both of the tracks as an immediate download! Do that here:

Amazon mp3: