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New White Arms Of Athena song goes live

White Arms Of Athena 2014

“And now for something completely different.”

Or at least rather departed from before. Texan quintet White Arms Of Athena made a moderate impact on the prog scene in 2011 with the release of their fantastic, and severely underrated debut Astrodrama.

It’s been all quiet on the home front since then – at least for non-Americans – but label Prosthetic clearly know they have some talent on their hands, and are to release the band’s second album – a self-titled effort –  later this autumn.

But whereas in the past strong comparisons could be drawn between the Mesquitian band and Between The Buried And Me, all reports on the group’s new material have been pointing to a very different sonic palette this time around – and they’re not wrong, as the first new track “Heavy Sleep” shows. Have a lsiten:

White Arms have seemingly been hibernating themselves, and crafting something new and exciting. For this track at least, frontman Joshua Everett seems to have ditched his growls, but those were only ever part of his repertoire. Here they start out strained and melancholic, accompanied by scatty drumming, which travels across the whole kit. The guitars feel a lot more hardcore too, giving the whole track a doomier cadence. One of the strengths of Astrodrama was its organic feel, as well as its positive vibe. This feels a little bit darker, especially lyrically, but I’m really interested to see where the rest of the album goes.

Just as a side note, unfortunately there seems to be something wrong with the bass in this mix – in the chorus at least. Where it swells, it fuzzes, which is a shame.

White Arms Of Athena is out December 2nd via Prosthetic Records, and the album’s full tracklist looks a little something like this:

01. Truth, The Greatest Lie Ever Told
02. Heavy Sleep
03. On The Edge
04. Time Is Nothing (Or Maybe Just One Thing)
05. This Transition
06. Manifest; Withdrawal
07. Participating In and Awakening To The Cycle
08. The “I”