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Windhand unleash a new track from their impending album, Soma

Windhand soma

Windhand are a fairly new band to come out of the recently exploding stoner doom metal scene, but they are quickly becoming one of the best in the whole genre. They formed in 2008 and released their full length self-titled debut last year to glowing praise. The band is not one to just lie around though, as they have since released a split EP with Cough titled Reflection of the Negative, and just a few months later are ready to release their second full length album. The album will be called Soma and will see release on September 17th on Relapse Records

As of a couple days ago, the band debuted a new single from the upcoming album, entitled “Woodbine”. It’s a doomy, hard-hitting affair that sounds like the mighty Electric Wizard if they played in a cosmic wind tunnel instead of a smoke-filled occult chamber. The riffs are crawling and heavy, the guitar is wonderfully fuzzy and spacey, and the vocals are just the right amount of echo-ey. The drumming is methodical and monolithic, providing a wonderful background for the other instruments to dance their dance of doom over top of. In the middle of the song, we are treated to a magnificently cosmic guitar solo. The end of the song brings us an even heavier riff and a thick, roiling guitar lead that is just buried enough to be almost noise, and it is just awesome.

If I may be so bold, I will go ahead and say this is a huge improvement on their already excellent debut album. If the rest of Soma is anything as good as this, it will almost certainly find its way on several Album of the Year lists.

Stream “Woodbinehere and let the doom take you.

Here’s a song from their split released earlier this year:

Pre-order for the album is on now, and can be done so in various formats from Relapse Records, or digitally from the band themselves.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Windhand’s previous album? Are you looking forward to Soma? What do you think of Woodbine? Sound off in the comments!

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