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One-man black metal band Zemial premiere two new songs!

Zemial Nykta
Zemial are a black metal behemoth originally hailing from the true kvlt land of Greece, home to other such awesome bands as Rotting Christ and Varathron (although the band is now based in Germany, which seems to be at the forefront of almost every genre of metal known to man).

The one man band, run by the mighty Archon Varskaath, has been active for more than 20 years now, sporadically releasing material and playing live shows with a full band. Zemial’s sound is similar to that of Bathory, but with an identity of its own and a distinctly more Greek flavour to the lyrics.

Recently it was revealed that the band were ready to release their first album since 2009’s glorious In Monumentum. The new album will be titled Nykta - the artwork for which is at the top of this post.

In Monumentum will see release on October 31st, but we got our first taste of new music on Sunday in the form of not one but two songs streaming on Bandcamp!

The first song is “Under Scythian Command” and is a very black thrash style attack with some serious teeth. At just under three minutes long, it keeps focus on providing a straight assault of energy.

In contrast, the other song “Pharos” is fourteen minutes. It is a far more diverse piece of music, starting with more black metal riffs, but changing pretty quickly into other sounds. The keyboards used are eerie and cold, and there are some really dark parts to the song. I love it.

We’re pretty sure the new Zemial album will not disappoint. Already I am burning with anticipation, and we’re still more than two months away from release. You can pre-order the new album now from Hell’s Headbangers.

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