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Crime and betrayal in Zoax’s new video for “Burn It To The Ground”

Zoax Burn It To The Ground video cap XIII Siege Of Amida

“Stop making a scene; we will make it out of here just fine”

If you recall, London post-hardcore quintet Zoax were named as one of my bands to watch in 2014, and out that pack of five, they’re the first to come out of the gates with new material – all in anticipation of their forthcoming EP XIII, which is out next month.

We’ve been spinning their debut cut Bitter Angry Fake almost non-stop since they blew us away supporting The Safety Fire back in September (and again with Hacktivist/The Algorithm in December), but they’ve today released a new video for “Burn It To The Ground,” which shows a different side to their sound – one which should hopefully draw a few more people in. Check it out:

The song has actually been floating around for just over a year, but it’s nice to see it given the ‘proper’ treatment and full promotion. We’re not at all surprised they chose this song to go with – partly because avid fans will have heard it already – and so they aren’t ‘spoiling’ the rest of the EP – but also because it’s a fine tune. The crunchy guitar intro is in stark contrast to the smoother quality of “Bitter Angry Fake,” and it’s probably more full-on and anthemic

It’s probably worth noting that bassist Joe Copcutt is also in Axewound with Cancer Bats‘ Liam Cormier, Matthew Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine, Mike Kingswood of Glamour of the Kill and Jason Bowld of Pitchshifter, as well as having had a four-year tenure in Rise To Remain, so there’s a certain amount of prior experience here – but all five members of Zoax are on-point, and put together a fantastic live show.

XIII is officially our on February 17th through Siege Of Amida Records, to whom they signed in December. Can’t wait to hear it all!