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All wittiness and careitude has abandoned us, forsooth


Does anyone still care about Adrenaline Mob, the band that Mike Portnoy formed after he left Dream Theater and was kicked out of Avenged Sevenfold? There must be someone that cares, because the band is back with a second full length album to be released in February of 2014, on Century Media Records, and have released a new song to tease people with. But hilariously, Mike Portnoy is no longer a part of the band, having left earlier this year, possibly because he realised he could do better. So too could vocalist Russell Allen, but he’s still involved for some reason. On skins in place of Mike is Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero. When I told my brother this, his reaction was ‘…okay’ which sums up my thoughts nicely.

The new song, “Mob is Back”, does not start out on a good note, using a 55+ second crash out (crash in?) intro before getting to anything resembling a song. Finally, after forever and a day, a riff comes in. Is it creative and interesting in any way? No? Par for the Mob course then. Russell Allen sounds great and all, but there just is nothing to recommend this band. Some of the better parts of the song sound like a B-side from the last Mastodon album, whereas others are just uninteresting riff rock. The production is big and meaty, but that’s only part of what makes something good.

The new album will surely be more of the same. It is titled Men of Honor and was given that actually kind of sweet-looking album art you see at the top of this post. When asked about the album name, guitarist Mike Orlando said

[quote-symbol symbol1]My dad came up with the title, believe it or not. We were thinking about names for the record, and he said ‘Why don’t you guys call it ‘Uomini D’Onore’ [translation: 'Men of Honor']?’ I knew that was it. We’re tight like brothers. This is a musical gang. The message is to stand strong with Adrenaline Mob. Regardless of what’s changed, we are men of honor, and we will honor this entity until we die.

Oh brother…I know metal is a cheesy genre, but somehow, calling yourself a musical gang just jumps the mozzarella shark.

Men of Honor will be released in 2014 on Century Media Records.

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