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Be transported to ancient cities of magic with Ephemer


There must be something about being French-Canadian that is really terrible, because the Canadian province of Quebec has, in recent years, put out some of the best and most misanthropic black metal ever. Bands like Gris, Monarque, Csethje, Miserere Luminis, Forteresse, Sombres Forets and Sorcier Des Glaces among others have given the scene over there a reputation as one of the best, if not the best, black metal scenes in the world today.

Ephemer are a new band, comprised of members of the aforementioned Forteresse and Csethje. Prior to a couple days ago, Ephemer’s only output was a single demo cassette, made available for purchase at the kickass Messe De Morts festival in Montreal, (something I really have to get to some day). However, that changed when a new song appeared on YouTube.

The new tune is titled “Vers d’Anciennes Cités Magiques” and it is, to borrow a phrase, “pretty fucking sweet”. The guitars are dense and decently clear, but not too much so that it sounds overproduced. It has a great atmosphere, being cold and intensely brooding, with a really nice sounding lead melody over top. It certainly doesn’t feel sluggish and boring like some atmospheric black metal bands end up doing. The drumming is relentless and doesn’t try to do too much, which is good for this kind of song.

I have posited in the past that atmospheric black metal is very tough to do correctly. Well this, my friends, is an example of how to do it damn well without bowing to the clichés of the sound. Take note, one man bands.

Vers d’Anciennes Cités Magiques” is taken from Ephemer’s second demo, which will be released at this year’s Messe De Morts, limited to 100 copies (because of course it is).

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