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The Kindred want you to listen to “Decades” and forget Today I Caught The Plague

Today I Caught The Plague The Kindred

Back in December 2011 I had the pleasure of seeing the Devin Townsend Project live in Toronto when I used to live and work out there. It was cool to see him in his country of origin and see how his audience there treated him. It was an incredibly fun night, and probably one of my favourite Devin performances that I’ve attended. That night was the first time I encountered local progressive/djent band Today I Caught The Plague who delivered a rousing opening performance. These relatively young, but supremely talented fellows owned the stage and managed to surprise a lot of people in the audience who may have initially doubted them.

Fast forward 2 years and it turns out that the band have kept themselves extremely busy. They released their first full length in 2011 that was received relatively well and landed them on a number of tours (including the one I saw them on). Even though their music flirted dangerously with the territory of djent, the young Ottawa natives were able to craft it into something more compelling and progressive rock infused. Now, however the band have renamed themselves to The Kindred (which is disappointedly more conventional, but somewhat marketable) and joined the roster of Sumerian Records, a label that used to rule the roost, though has diminished in the eye of audiences as of late. To celebrate this signing and the completion of The Kindred’s “debut” (apparently changing your name means the last record doesn’t count) album, due for release this Fall the band have unveiled the first song from the record entitled “Decades“.

Decades” is a decidedly more mature and focused approach to their music than was present on their previous release. Gone is the scrappier sound of old, symbolic of a talented group of young individuals figuring out their place in the music world. “Decades” took a while to sink in at first because I was expecting something different, but on repeated listens it now blows me away. The production is fantastic and punchy, and there are plenty of little nuances and flourishes that present themselves the more you immerse yourself in the track, something that is always welcome in the progressive music sphere. Despite that troublesome guitar tone still being faintly present, structurally the band come closer than they have to being recognized as a purely progressive metal band and separating themselves from the negativity associated with the subgenre of djent.

Decades” is an impeccable construction, augmented by a band that have all grown comfortable enough with each other to weave all of the respective elements of their music together with little mess or overlap. The Kindred are a completely different beast to Today I Caught The Plague, so while I still prefer the more unique nature of the original name, I can totally see why it was warranted.
It should be noted that the absolute highlight on this track is vocalist David Journeaux, whose passionate and dynamic vocal prowess is one of the main reasons why Today I Caught The Plague The Kindred stand out from their contemporaries. Here’s what David had to say about their new unity with Sumerian Records.

“As a band we’ve always taken a lot of pride in doing things in a DIY fashion — it’s an attitude that has defined our lives for the better part of our post-secondary years. Now this is not to say that we never aspired to be able to work alongside movers and shakers who were doing big things in the music industry, but it did mean that we were resolute that if we were to partner up with anybody, it would have to be the right people.

From the first time that we had started to take notice of Sumerian Records we had a healthy respect for their seeming ability to make big waves with their artists. That ability and respect was something that never wavered over our years of slugging it out on the road, and after we were able to work our way on to bigger tours with some more notable acts (a snowball effect initialized in thanks to our friends in Protest the Hero), we were quite excited when we received our first correspondence from the label.

Needless to say, we were very happy to be welcomed in to the Sumerian family, and the work that we’ve been able to do together so far has been very enjoyable, as well as exciting. We’re looking forward to getting better acquainted with more of the team, and continuing to work alongside the great people we’ve already gotten to know.”

Decades” is from their “debut” album coming this Fall from Sumerian Records.

What do you guys think? Do you like this style of progressive music? Do you think they’ve signed to the right label? Sound off in the comments!

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