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Urfaust’s new song is a levitational affair


Urfaust are a rather well known atmospheric black metal duo hailing from the blackened wastes of Asten, Netherlands. They specialise in creating odd, otherworldly, and darkly twisted music that sends chills down your spine. After forming in 2003, they released a few excellent albums, splits, and EPs, all with the goal of making strange and mystical black metal. Recently, I came across a new song from the duo, which turned out to be a single, released by Ván Records.

Released on August 24th on single sided 7” vinyl with an etching on the B-side, it can now be heard by those who didn’t purchase the physical copy.

It’s called “Die erste Levitation”, and is a five-minute wander through hellish landscapes of a psychotic mind. The vocals are the most unsettling part, consisting of unearthly groans and screams. About halfway through, the song dies, luring you into a false sense of security, before jumping back in with something even deeper, darker, and more intense than before. The maddened vocals continue to drone just under the slow, dominating and mournful guitar and sparse but ever-present drumming. A strange, droning moan makes its presence felt at times throughout as well, building the utterly inhuman tone that this song is all about.

It’s a pity this song is only five minutes long; it almost feels too short, but good on the band for not letting the song get out of hand like some artists might have ended up doing.

I can only hope this means a new album will be forthcoming soon. The band’s last full length album was in 2010, though they have released splits with Celestial Bloodshed and King Dude in that time as well as this single.

You could purchase the single at Ván Records, but I think it’s sold out already though I saw nothing about it being a limited run.

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