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Aussie depressive black metal band Woods Of Desolation tease their new album As The Stars with a first look at “This Autumn Light”


Woods of Desolation are one of Australia’s best black metal acts. Their 2011 release Torn Beyond Reason was fantastic; one of the finer moments in depressive music. Now the project is ready to release their third album, to be titled As The Stars.

The band will not have previous collaborator Tim Yatras on board this time, and he was a big part of the sound on Torn Beyond Reason, however the rest of the members are there, including Vlad from Drudkh and, of course, D. who played bass on Austere’s To Lay Like Old Ashes, so the there is still immense talent involved. Yesterday, a new song from the upcoming album was released, giving us a first taste of what As The Stars will sound like.

The new song is called “This Autumn Light” and I must say it sounds fantastic. The production is absolutely wonderful, giving off the feeling of walking by yourself through a pine forest at twilight. Even without Tim, clearly the band still has a lot to offer. One issue I have had with Woods of Desolation in the past is that they sounded a bit too much like Austere, but if this is any indication, the new album will be able to separate itself from Austere’s shadow a bit. The overall melancholic and wistful atmosphere is still there, but it feels like its own entity instead of riding on the sound that To Lay Like Old Ashes perfected.

If there is anything bad to say about this new tune, it’s that it is too short. At only just over four minutes, it leaves me yearning for more. I guess that’s perfect for an advance tease of the album.

As The Stars will be released on February 14th 2013, through Northern Silence Productions.

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