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Andrew WK likely to spend the next week unconscious

Andrew WK Drumathon

Andrew WK is a rather bizarre man. I remember in my youth first being exposed to his music via his I Get Wet opus (which he is yet to top, in terms of albums anyway), and the obnoxiously catchy lead anthem “Party Hard“. This anthem was a lot like the last person in the world you wanted to turn up to your house party who just flat out refused to leave, meaning that as my (and many others of my generation) music taste developed and moved on, the influence of “Party Hard” still lingered, so much so that as soon as the song is played, I start involuntarily dancing like a maniac.

It’s somewhat ironic really, when you consider that in this day and age this is exactly the kind of behaviour that we lampoon awful deathcore bands like Emmure for trying to emulate, yet we not only celebrate Andrew WK for his dedication to partying, but actually even go so far as to full on worship him. It’s crazy to think that the guy almost became the US ambassador of culture to the Middle East, but kinda awesome at the same time.

Anyway, Andrew WK has been a busy man, and while he may not be blowing people away with his music much anymore, he still pops up every now and again doing something randomly awesome. His latest endeavour was a desire to break the world record for consecutive drumming, entailing him to sit at a drum kit and play fills for a whole 24 hour, completely uninterrupted session. Quite the epic task indeed, and the charismatic frontman/professional douchebag (depending on your perspective) played the shit out of those drums for most of the duration, including a final triumphant blasting flurry once he’d accomplished his goal. Honestly, once he’d finished I was half expecting him to collapse onto the drum kit, unconscious – not play harder than he’d played in hours! I suppose one should always end in style. You can catch the feel-good end to the story over on his Instagram profile.

He wasn’t alone on this journey though! For the whole duration, fans in North America could drop in and out of a live cast to see how he was handling himself. Oddly, instead of just hitting the drums at random he seemed dedicated to playing actual, groovy (but understandably simplistic) fills that were quite entertaining to behold. Being a famous party dude like Andrew WK though means that you’ve also got to have some celebrity friends join in the fun; so at various intervals Chad Smith from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Questlove from The Roots dropped in to play alongside.

Congratulations to Andrew WK! Say what you will about the man, but you cannot fault his enthusiasm and dedication to the random stuff that he puts his mind to. I wonder what he’ll tackle next…Answers on a postcard!

What do you guys think? Is this really cool? Do you like Andrew WK? Did you watch the stream? Sound off in the comments!

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