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Amazon celebrates one of our finest British independent labels for the whole of November

Basick Records Amazon banner

Its not exactly a secret that I have a lot of time for Basick Records. Over the last few years, the label has been steadily building a top-quality roster of interesting and innovative progressive metal bands from around the globe. I think I first became fully aware of the label back in 2009, with the release of No Made Sense‘s The Epillanic Choragi, and since that time I’ve picked up pretty much everything they’ve released. I’ve rarely been disappointed.

But now, for people who aren’t quite as obsessive as I am, the opportunity has arisen to either fill in the blanks in their Basick collections, or take a punt on something new, for a reduced price. Basick are ‘Label of the Month’ for November over at Amazon MP3 UK.

This means two things – first and foremost, there is a new, FREE 12-track label sampler available for immediate download, which includes tracks from the most recent Basick releases, Infinitas from Circles and Bear‘s Noumenon – and you can read what I thought of those releases here and here.

If you are outside the UK, you can still get your paws on the latest sampler here, along with samplers from previous years.

Brits can now, for the remainder of the month, download albums for £4.49, and EPs for just £1.99. So you can get yourself a copy of Chimp Spanner‘s All Roads Lead Here, including the space-progathon “Mobius” in all its three part glory for less than a pint, or The Algorithm‘s techno brainmelter Polymorphic Code cheaper than a budget brand pack of smokes. Bargains galore.

My personal top tip for guitar nerds would be to pick up the instrumental version of The Arusha Accord‘s The Echo Verses, and enjoy the spazzcore riffery on display without those pesky vocals getting in the way.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some djent heritage, then there’s Fellsilent, whose members went on to found TesseracT and Monuments.

With back catalogue classics rubbing shoulders with minty fresh new releases, there’s something in there for anyone with an interest in cutting edge progressive metal.

It can all be found here. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

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