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Recently reformed post-metal band join with label Deathwish Inc.


No word of a lie, when I first saw Bossk about six years ago, a guy in the audience lay down in front of the stage to just let the music wash over his body – and I almost joined him (had it not been for the floor of Camden’s Underworld).

The British post-metal quintet took the stage out from under that night’s headliners Envy, and put out two fantastic EPs, a live DVD and a split with Rinoa before they split in 2008 when original guitarist Rob Vaughan and drummer Nick Corney left the band, much to their fans’ distress.

We all rejoiced last year, however, when Bossk reformed. We rejoiced even more when they released a new song called “Pick Up Artistwhich they made available through their website, so – as bassist Tom Begley put it, as not to lose the momentum gained from reforming and playing shows.

Consider that momentum, which admittedly had flagged until recently – if you hadn’t been able to see them on tour with Dragged Into Sunlight, that is – reignited, as they this week announced they had signed to Deathwish Inc., the label home of such exemplary and diverse acts as DoomridersTouché Amoré, Deafheaven, Narrows, Trap Them, and of course label head Jacob Bannon’s Converge.

Deathwish’s first act will be to release a limited 7″ containing “Pick Up Artist” and a cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Albatross“, for which pre-orders will be announced soon. The band had mentioned in an interview that they would be shying away from physical releases and focussing more on digital, but perhaps this might change with such a force of nature as Deathwish backing them.

Bossk will presumably spend the rest of 2013 continuing to craft and record a full album for release next year, which will undoubtedly be nuts.

If you missed the recent tour, and are heading to this weekend’s ArcTanGent festival in Somerset, you can catch Bossk on Friday!