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Blackened Bay Area dudes back amongst it for third full-length

Cormorant 2013

We love Cormorant, we do. The blackened/prog/folk band, who hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, have produced some consistently great material over the past few years, and have long been favourites of many of us here. Indeed, we collaborated with them to release a commentary version of their 2009 album Metazoa earlier this year, which you can still pick up for absolutely free from our webstore.

The band have changed somewhat over the past year or so, with bassist/vocalist Arthur Von Nagel departing the group last November in purely amicable circumstances. It was pretty notable, as Arthur was the face of the then-trio, but remaining members Nick Cohon (guitar) and Brennan Kunkel (drums, vocals) kicked on, recruiting Marcus Luscombe to fill the vacant spot. Here’s what they said about the appointment:

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We’re excited to have Marcus Luscombe join Cormorant for our next album. Marcus is a Bay Area native who has been active in the metal scene since 1999 as lead guitarist, songwriter and backing vocalist for Vengince (Ivory Tower/Cargo Records) and lead singer, lyricist and guitarist for Cloakwheel (Nightmare Records). We’re very impressed by his creativity and musicianship, and we look forward to utilizing his talents on the upcoming record and beyond.

There seems to have been another appointment, but at the moment we can’t find any details on him. Anyone got the low-down?

With the band fully on track again, they’re actually back in the studio to record their third full-length. As yet untitled, it’s following their tried and true DIY ethos, and just like 2011′s Dwellings, they’re crowdfunding to finance the process:

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Hello, Music Fans!

Bay Area blackened prog/trad metal band Cormorant is recording their third full-length album in September 2013. This fundraiser is intended to help ease the financial difficulty of creating the album as we have always done: 100% independently. All the funding will go toward tracking, mixing, mastering, awesome artwork and cool merchandise.

If you’d like to help these best of dudes fund the modest $7,500 target, you can check out the funding page here. To get hold of any of their albums – name your own price – go to their Bandcamp here!