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Legendary thrash metal band Dark Angel set to reform with original line-up for festival appearances in 2014

Dark Angel

Gene Hoglan is a name in the metal world that every fan should know, even if they aren’t a particular fan of his. Hoglan is one of the very best drummers in the entire spectrum of metal and has been in the scene for an extremely long time, playing in numerous acts. One of his most famous is thrash act Dark Angel, renowned for their extremely fast, heavy, and lengthy songs with lots of tempo changes so much so that it earned them the nickname of “the L.A. Caffeine Machine”. The band have just four albums under their belt, as their original formation only lasted for six years before they broke up. They reunited in 2002, but this sadly only lasted three years before circumstances forced them to disband again.

Now, the band are talking about a second reunion, though so far have only discussed potential festival appearances next year. Drummer extraordinaire Hoglan and original vocalist Don Doty have both recently weighed in on the subject via press release, and you can see what they have to say below:

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Gene states, “Howdy everybody. Now that I’m off the road for a few minutes, I’d like to address these Dark Angel rumors that are flying around. Yes, we have been talking about doing something next year, and although it looks like possibly some festivals could be in the works, right now it’s just speculation. Don Doty and myself have been in contact for the first time in many many years, and it’s been great to re-connect with my old friend. Fortunately, I’ve remained great buddies with all the DFA guys after all these years, and we do try to stay in contact with each other and see each other when we can, especially since we are all spread out over the Western US. We are indeed discussing the possibility of a reunion, and yes, the DFA guys are well aware of all of my other commitments, such as Testament, Dethklok and the like. So again, we are moving forward s-l-o-w-l-y, with hopes to getting Dark Angel

Dark Angel vocalist Don Doty adds, “Members of Dark Angel are currently sitting down for talks for a reunion. This will be for the year 2014. All are excited. I was talking on a radio show recently and had said that all members would be attending, this statement may have been misunderstood. Myself, Gene, Mike, Eric and Jim are talking and when talks are complete a statement will be given. We will know more in the months to come. We will let you know as it unravels.”

Something to be said for the guys’ tact here; they’re being smart about this and are clearly gauging the reception to a potential reunion as well. For example, because they’re not specifically committing to a reunion here, if positive reception is low (i.e. people don’t care anymore); then the guys can save face by claiming their schedules were unable to align. It’s a smart business decision, and one most likely motivated by other bands that are currently reuniting at a rapid rate for festival appearances – the biggest of which are black metal legends Emperor. Dark Angel may not have the same rabid following, or the same “classic” status, but they’ve always been a fun, unique and worthy addition to the thrash metal genre, bolstered by Hoglan’s incredible drumming. Fans of their eccentric brand of thrash will likely be very pleased at this news.

Are you a fan of Dark Angel? Would you like to see them reunite again? Would you attend one of their shows? Would you like to see them consider recording another album? Do you think Hoglan should just focus on his other projects? Sound off in the comments!

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