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Fleshgod Apocalypse officially welcome Veronica Bordacchini into the fold!

Fleshgod Apocalypse

More often than not when a band is working in the studio they often enlist the help of extra personnel, whether it be guest performances or adding extra layers to their sound via choirs/orchestras etc. It’s always a shame when bands aren’t able to reproduce these sounds live with the actual people that originally made them.

Fleshgod Apocalypse are of course a band that utilize impressive orchestration and choir vocals to achieve their atmospheric and grandiose brand of death metal. On Agony, their previous album there was a song that used the powerful voice of soprano vocalist Veronica Bordacchini. Her presence on “The Egoism” was both a massive surprise and an absolute gift, as it bolstered the music considerably and created one of the most epic moments of the entire album.

Veronica Bordacchini

It seems that Fleshgod became mighty keen on her as with their new album Labyrinth (check out a new song here), they have chosen to integrate her talents more considerably. Labyrinth seems them downplay the clean vocals of bassist Paoli Rossi and instead focus more on Bordacchini’s operatic flourishes, giving the band’s new album a heightened sense of epicness. The band have just announced that Bordacchini will be going on tour with them from now on, effectively making her a mainstay of the band for the time being. Here’s what they have to say about it:

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YES! IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! We are really proud to announce that the soprano singer VERONICA BORDACCHINI will be on tour with us from now on, included the upcoming tour in NORTH AMERICA with Wintersun, Arsis and Starkill!!!

She did an outstanding job in the studio on “Agony” and “Labyrinth” and now it’s amazing to have such a talented singer on stage everynight!

Last but definitely not least we are going to play some new songs from our new album “Labyrinth” on the next tour so BE FUCKIN’ THERE!!! \m/

If you’re lucky enough to have heard Labyrinth then you’ll know that this is not a surprise at all. I was expecting an announcement of this ilk any day and I’m glad that they finally have. Yet another reason to see the incredible Italians play live. Here’s “The Egoism” from Agony, so you can hear what her vocals sound like.

Labyrinth will be released on August 20th, via Nuclear Blast Records.

What do you guys think? Are you excited by this news? Do you think it will add to their live presence considerably? Are you excited for Labyrinth? Sound off in the comments!

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