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From Norma Jean’s new album Wrongdoers

Norma Jean - Wrongdoers

By the time August 6th rolls around, Georgian metalcore giants Norma Jean will have released six albums in eleven years, with at least four Billboard 200 entries under their belts. That ain’t bad at all for the boys from Douglasville.

Their new album, entitled Wrongdoers, is due for its release through Razor & Tie in just over six weeks, and a new track called “If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty” has surfaced – a title which could in theory relate to just about anything, but as long as “it” isn’t “swag”, then we can keep the pitchforks and matches stowed for now.

It’s fairly short, which is not uncommon for Norma Jean, but as a stand-alone track is does pack a fair punch. What’s interesting is that it hearkens right back to their early material – we’re talking Bless The Martyr, Kiss The Child here – in that it’s a bit evil sounding, and contains more than a slice of their more hardcore sound. This is interesting because only one member remains from that first record – guitarist Chris Day – yet the essence is captured remarkably well.

The band member merry-go-round hasn’t exactly stopped since those days, and in fact the entire rhythm section has changed since last year. Touring drummer Matt Marquez, who’s been filling in since their last album Meridional was released, has made way for Fear Before/ORBS/Loom! chameleon Clayton “Goose” Holyoak, whilst fellow Loom! bandmate John Finnegan (also of The New Transit Direction) has replaced long-time bassist Jake Schultz.

We’re not sure why these changes have occurred to be honest, but it seems that when Wrongdoers drops, it might just do more right than wrong.

Norma Jean are due to head out on Summer Slaughter as one of the main listings, so make sure to head out to that to catch them with the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Cattle Decapitation and The Ocean, amongst others!





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