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Returning We Hear The Larks’ new album released on mastermind’s birthday

Returning We Hear The Larks - Far Stepper Of Wide Sea

Returning We Hear The Larks, the one-man project from Bristolian native Jak Noble, has today released Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea, his second full-length amongst a legion of EPs – and it’s an extra special occasion for him, as today also marks his 21st birthday!

I was first blown away by RWHTL in 2011 with the Proud England E.P., an expansive, posty slice of metal with a strong central theme. Jak’s interest in history was already apparent in the project’s name – the title of a famous World War I poem by soldier Isaac Rosenberg – but Proud England expanded on this, and really was a fantastic release all round. I’m a bit of a sucker for a concise, well-constructed EP as it is, but hey.

Speaking on the new record, Mr. Noble said:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea’ is my second and final full-length Larks album. It has been many years in the making and I honestly never thought I’d get it done. The album tells the story of the three Gorgon sisters of Greek mythology, intertwined with some narrative of my own.

Greek mythology is one of my favourite historical pursuits, and Perseus is one of the most interesting of the Greek heroes to me, so the concept definitely rings a bell with me.

Unfortunately for fans, it seems like this is Returning We Hear The Larks’ swansong, as the Bandcamp page for the release states that it will be the last under this banner. I spoke to him earlier and he said:

[quote-symbol symbol1]This last album was a real struggle; it took me quite a few years to write and there were times when I really didn’t think I’d finish it because I’d set the bar too high for myself in terms of the standard I was expecting. I feel like I need some time off and then a chance to write music for myself again.

Jak is also the vocalist for UK trio Fractals, so we can imagine the pressure being shared somewhat in that set-up.

Check out the stream below, and pick it up for whatever you want to pay (even free, if you want!)! It’s also available in an instrumental version, should you so wish.

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