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 Vasaeleth are preparing to reconsecrate paradise

Vasaeleth - All Uproarious Darkness

Texan/Georgian death metal newcomers Vasaeleth are on the path to release their second full length album. Their first offering on the altar of death metal, Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin, was met with praise from underground metal lovers, spewing forth a sound reminiscent of Incantation, Autopsy, and Disma; featuring megalithic riffs and a deep abyssal tone. Now Profound Lore is ready to unleash their second hope-swallowing assault. The new record will be titled All Uproarious Darkness, to be released on August 20th.

Yesterday the artwork for the album was unveiled along with a shiny new track from the crushing doom death duo. The horrifyingly awesome artwork, showcased nicely at the top of this post, was painted by artist Antichrist Kramer. I have to say, I really like it. It is a fantastic representation of the music that will be contained within; putrid, crushing, pummelling doom death metal and reminds me a bit of the artwork for the super Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm by Inquisition.

And lo and behold, the new song is exactly that. Titled “Paradise Reconsecrated”, it features booming drumming, ghastly growling vocals, and some damn fine doom-y death metal riffing, the likes of which will cause your very soul to wither and die. It begins at a blistering pace with rumbling vocals straight out the bowels of the abyss. Before too long however, it moves into a slow, lumbering passage, overlaid with ghastly howls of the damned. Then, after a small recession from the Hellish sounds, the band returns to full volume with even more intensity than before. Based on this one song, All Uproarious Darkness is shaping up to be one of the top death metal releases of the year.

Listen and tell me what you think. Do you dig it? What are some other doom death metal bands you like?

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