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Tracklisting for Iced Earth’s 11th studio album also unveiled


Iced Earth are one of the finest examples of U.S. power metal to have ever existed; melding Iron Maiden-esque melodies with a much darker, heavier, and faster thrashy trappings. They have had a few lineup changes in the past, most recently when fan-favourite vocalist Matt Barlow left for retirement (only to form another band only a year later, go figure). Replacement singer Stu Block is a true force on the band’s last album, Dystopia, which ended up as one of my favourites from 2011.

The band have recently been hard at work recording a new album, which will see release some time in the early months of 2014. The album is to be titled Plagues of Babylon and today it was given artwork and a tracklisting. The artwork, which is displayed loud and proud at the top of this post, is something glorious. It shows Iced Earth’s trademark mascot Set Abominae as a king in ancient times, holding the chains of a group of diseased and apparently melting people; a horrific scene that will undoubtedly reflect the badass music within.

It will surely feature more of Iced Earth’s powerful sound, soaring vocals and the usual dark lyrical themes from Block, and heavy riffs from Jon Schaffer, who unveiled the news on the band’s website.

The cover is the work of artist Eliran Kantor, who has also done work for Testament, Sodom, Sigh, Mekong Delta, and Satan.

01. Plagues of Babylon
02. Democide
03. The Culling
04. Among The Living Dead
05. Resistance
06. The End?
07. If I Could See You
08. Cthulhu
09. Peacemaker
10. Parasite
11. Spirit of the Times
12. Highwayman

Since we have not been graced with any new music yet (and you can be sure we’ll tell you when we are), here is some older Iced Earth material to whet your appetite:

You can also catch the band on tour with Volbeat from the middle of next month, heading across Europe right into December. It’s a pretty comprehensive run, and you can find full dates here.

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