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Wild speculation on the impending new Ihsahn album!


Good news everyone! Ihsahn is going to be releasing his third new album in almost as many years. While there are no concrete details about this as of yet, we know that it will undoubtedly include contributions from the members of Leprous, who serve as Ihsahn’s live backing band and have also released a monumental new album this year in the form of Coal (read our review here), which means that at least once on the album we’re likely to hear Einar Solberg‘s heavenly voice cuddle up to us at one point.

While Ihsahn cannot share a release date or title just yet, he suggests that it will be released this autumn, but ultimately that is up to the decision of his label Candlelight Records. Out of interest, Candlelight Records have been known to hang onto records for an extended amount of time if they feel that a band is making releases too quickly, just as they did with Anaal Nathrakh‘s 2012 release Vanitas, which they had actually completed and turned in at the end of 2011, just a few months after their 2011 release Passion. Candlelight Records held onto it for almost a year, much to the chagrin of the band; could a similar thing happen here?

Ihsahn’s 2010 effort, After marked a shift in a more progressive direction for the legendary black metal frontman (formerly of symphonic black metal pioneers, Emperor). Equal parts sublimely  melodic and devastatingly savage, Ihsahn managed to create a tapestry of fearless black metal beauty that combined many different elements from his various influences. Back in the days of The Number Of The Blog, the courageous and provocative After was actually voted our album of the year!

Ihsahn continued along this tangent with last year’s release Eremita, which was a decidedly lower key and more mysterious affair. While it lacked the impact of some of the more blistering tracks from After, Eremita more than made up for it with an interesting sense of dynamics, choosing to be a far quieter, slower and more mysterious album that managed to slowly creep under your skin.

It remains to be seen then how Ihsahn chooses to proceed with his third effort in this vein. The turnaround on this new album has been swift and he has spent a lot of time working with Leprous, who have released their darkest and most theatrical album to date. Could we see Ihsahn head in a similar direction? Can you get much darker than Eremita? Either way, we’re hoping that an announcement pertaining to the involvement of Shining frontman Jørgen Munkeby (who wrote a fantastic article for us a few months ago) is imminent, as his aggressive and powerful saxophone passages were some of the stronger and most definitive moments of Ihsahn’s previous albums.

Ihsahn has also been keeping busy by getting involved in the charity music project Revolution Harmony, created by music journalist Ray Holroyd. Ihsahn appears on the new single “We Are” along with Serj Tankian and Devin Townsend. Check it out.

We’re hoping pretty confident that Ihsahn’s new album won’t sound like that, so at least that’s something.

We’re sure more details will surface soon, so stay tuned at The Monolith to keep updated!

What do you guys think? Are you excited for a new Ihsahn album? Are you concerned it may be too soon? Do you hope Jørgen Munkeby will be involved?

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