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Isis want to relive the good ol’ days, but with a shiny new coat

Isis - Celestial

We have a lot of time for the late, lamented ISIS here at The Monolith. Their passing in 2010 was the source of some considerable distress. My only real solace was that, more by luck than judgement, I found myself in New York City on the day that their farewell tour rolled into town. That was a truly magical evening.

The band have also sought to sooth the pain with an assortment of posthumous releases, in the form of a series of live albums that almost capture the grandeur of seeing them in the flesh and the Temporal collection of demos and assorted rarities. Adding to this pile of “swag” (as the kids call it) is the imminent release of a remastered version of their debut full-length Celestial, repackaged in some characteristically bleak-yet-beautiful new artwork. As you can see, its looking quite tasty.

I know that there are a number of people who get alarmingly obsessive over production values.  I commonly see people complaining about ‘compression’ when I’m not sure if even they know what they really mean.  And, just for the avoidance of doubt, anybody who judges production solely on the basis of a web stream or Youtube video is a moron.  That should save you some time.

Under normal circumstances, production is not really a deal-breaker for me, but anyone who has sat back with their entire ISIS collection on shuffle (and haven’t we all?) knows that the experience of jumping straight from a Panopticon track to a Celestial one is like having someone shove a pair of thick woollen socks in each of your speaker cones. With any luck, this is exactly what will be addressed by this reissue. I am quietly excited by the prospect of hearing classic tunes like the title track and “Swarm Reigns” in a somewhat cleaner, crisper form.

Pre-orders have just gone live, so you can now secure your copy right here.

While you are there, be sure to check out the other merchandise they have on offer – which has to rank as one of the most impressive selections of designs available for any band, extant or extinct.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for a new version of Celestial? Do you miss ISIS? Do you wish they’d just leave it alone? Sound off in the comments!

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