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Is Misery Signals new tune celestial…or more earthly?

Misery Signals - Absent Light

Misery Signals, a Wisconsin-based metalcore band formed in 2002, were pretty prolific last decade. With an EP in 2003 swiftly followed by three albums in four years, but it’s now been five years since Controller, so fans will be happy to know that the band are returning next month with their new record Absent Light.

Keeping with the light-based theme, a new song called “Luminary” has been debuted today. Depending on your view of metalcore, this is either going to be standard fare or fairly exciting, but it’s hard to deny it’s a very polished track. Featuring the now almost obligatory epic string section, “Luminary” is pretty punishing in terms of the size and grandiosity of the piece, but it’s not groundbreaking. Then again, as a returning piece, perhaps it’s not meant to be, and Absent Light might just smack face with the force of a rampaging moose – which is apt, as the record is being released by Canadian label New Damage Records on July 23rd over that side of the pond, and our very favourite Basick Records here in the UK on the 22nd.

I hate to make the comparison, but some of the riffs are a little ‘djenty’, and the breakdowns are nothing special, but it’s only one song, and I am open to more. In fairness, the time signature switches on the earlier snapshot of the track “Reborn: An Execution” were pretty tasty, so the scores are even right now.

Interestingly, the album was actually crowdfunded initially, generating more than double its $50,000 goal from over two and a half thousand funders, so it’s clear there’s demand for the Milwaukeean quintet. They’re heading out on tour next week across North America with Elitist, The Color Morale and Intervals, so make sure to check their Facebook page for details if you’re up for a moshing good time.

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