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Carcass have returned with “Captive Bolt Pistol”

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Carcass, as you probably are aware, are a legendary band. Formed in England in 1985, they went on to pioneer both goregrind, and melodic death metal musical styles. They also had a brief cameo in one episode of the sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf, one of my absolute all-time favourite shows, as the band Smeg and the Heads.

Their sophomore album, Symphonies of Sickness, and their fourth release, Heartwork, are absolute masterpieces. Carcass broke up in 1996, but reformed in 2007 to play shows. More recently, it was decided that the band would in fact convene to grace us with a new album. The new release will be titled Surgical Steel and will be released some time later this year.

As if that prospect weren’t exciting enough, on Sunday Carcass were kind enough to grace us with a new song. Entitled “Captive Bolt Pistol”, it’s exactly what one could want from new Carcass material. It is captivating in its visceral intensity, it has a great guitar solo, and utterly neck-wrecking good riffs. The guitar tone is vicious as all fuck, and the drumming is comparable to being punched repeatedly in the face; hammering and unceasing. The vocals also show that the band has not aged one bit; Jeff Walker is as volcanic as ever. The insane guitar harmony parts that begin at approximately 2:15 particularly stand out as being completely awesome. Carcass have lost none of their power, and this song really bodes well for the upcoming album in general.

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So, we’re getting a new Gorguts album AND a new Carcass album in the same year? What a year for comebacks this will be! Colour me extremely excited for this release.

The Liverpudlians are appearing at a number of European festivals this summer (as well as Noctis VI Metal Fest in Canada in September), before heading out supporting Amon Amarth with Bleed From Within and Hell on the Defenders Of The Faith IV tour across the continent in November.

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