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Turisas returning with oddly-titled new album – preview a track here!


Finnish battle metal army Turisas have been pretty much one of the most popular bands from Finland of late. Their last couple releases showcased growing maturity in terms of songwriting and storytelling; The Varangian Way was great and its follow-up Stand Up and Fight was even better, branching out without going too far off their sonic palette, and a couple high profile festival slots and world tours have put the band right in the spotlight. Now, they are ready to release their fourth album.

The new album appears to have the title of Turisas2013, and if I’m being honest I think it is kind of odd for a band whose lyrical content tends to focus on past stories to have a modern year for their album title. It is also a little uncreative, but then again, so it self-titling your album, and people are fine with that practice. Regardless, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a good album, and as of yesterday we have been given our first taste of new music from the band with Century Media releasing the song “For Your Own Good” for streaming on YouTube.

I am not entirely sold on it yet. It still carries the spirit of Turisas, but it also shows a shift in sound. It is nowhere near as grand as previous singles such as “Holmgard and Beyond” or “Stand Up And Fight”. Gone are the symphonic keyboards and there are pianos and more prog metal synths in their place. I have nothing against a band changing their sound, but it is up to them for it to make it enjoyable as well. This new song sounds more like a power prog metal band trying to be more folky and failing than anything Turisas have done in the past. The keyboard solo sounds really good, and the presence of those synths are actually quite cool, but the song overall feels flat and uninspired. Here’s hoping the rest of the album will fare a little better, because I really like their past work, and I want to like this as well.

Turisas2013 will be out August 21st through Century Media.

Yay or nay for the new song? What do you reckon to the album title?

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