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Machine Head finally replace their bassist Adam Duce with a new guy!

Jared MacEarchen

Machine Fucking Head lost their longtime bassist Adam Duce earlier this year. His departure was sudden and a blow to the band as he was one of the integral members of the group, responsible for their powerful bass work and strong backing vocals. As such, it was speculated that he would be very difficult to replace. Machine Head proceeded to audition a litany of musicians, the most famous of which was ex-Fear Factory bassist, Christian Olde Wolbers. Now, they’ve finally selected the man who will fill Duce’s sizeable role in the band.

Jared MacEarchen is probably not someone you’re too familiar with, but the man has been pretty active in his local scene for some time, playing bass and guitar for a number of bands in his time as a musician. His most successful band to date was that of Sanctity, a solid Trivium style band (from before “Trivium” was even a style), that sadly disbanded after just one strong release on Roadrunner Records.

In Sanctity MacEarchen played guitar and handled the vocals of the band, demonstrating that he is a great fit for Machine Head’s backing vocals. Listen to “Zeppo” one on Sanctity’s best songs and see how perfectly he will fit into Machine Head with those vocals and that riffing style.

MacEarchen is clearly a capable musician and will likely handle his new role with aplomb, grateful to just be on a stage again and in front of huge crowds. He’s also a very safe pick for Machine Head because unlike someone more established such as Wolbers, MacEarchen won’t rock the boat and will just be thankful to be along for the ride. I imagine MacEarchen will have very minimal input into the writing of the next Machine Head record, so I wouldn’t expect the band’s style to change anytime soon.

It’s clear though that while many of the applicants could play Machine Head’s basslines, the sticking point for most was balancing the high clean vocals with the bass playing. After all, someone needs to stand at the back and mask Robb Flynn’s poor clean singing voice!

What do you guys think? Are you happy with this replacement? Will you miss Adam Duce? Were you a fan of Sanctity? Sound off in the comments!

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