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METAL’S ALIVE! Brian Blessed teams up with Manowar to update classic album

Death to false metal! Brothers of metal unite! Manowar, the world’s premier heavy metal band are re-recording their 1988 true metal opus Kings of Metal with their current line-up, which features a bit of a difference from the line-up that first recorded the album, partially because original drummer Scott Columbus passed away two years ago (RIP) and guitarist/keyboardist Ross The Boss left the band. Vocalist Eric Adams, and bassist Joey DiMaio are still with the band, though fans would argue that it isn’t the same without Ross. Word is that the band will also be joined by the legendary Brian Blessed for the re-recording, which is due some time early next year.

For those of you who don’t know, Brian Blessed is basically the living personification of God. In fact, God stole his name which is why he changed his name to Blessed instead. You know how the internet has all those stupid memes and phrases about Chuck Norris? Well, Brian Blessed is a cult of personality they missed out on! And his beard is better!

Brian Blessed

Did you know that when the Russian space program were trying to figure out new ways of enhancing their communication systems to better communicate with astronauts, they explored just having Brian Blessed yell it into the sky? The project wasn’t successful in the end because the sound was just too damaging to the astronaut’s ears!

I have always found re-recordings to be a shaky prospect that walk a razor edge between being a good idea and a bad idea. While it makes sense for bands who have changed vocalists to do, the logic isn’t quite the same in the case of other instrumentalists. Time will tell which side the Warriors of Metal will fall on, but I am not confident.

Manowar’s music is that kind of sound that gets your testosterone flowing, even if you’re a female. It is loud, heavy, and their album covers generally feature weirdly muscular and shirtless men. Needless to say, it can be a bit silly.

It’s difficult to figure out whether this will be worth anyone’s time, but if anything can save it, it’ll be the charismatic presence of the enthusiastic and excitable Brian Blessed. Did I mention that I really like the guy?

What do you guys think? Can Brian Blessed save Manowar? Can Manowar handle the awesome that is Brian Blessed? Sound off in the comments!

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