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“Our successful crowd funding campaign allowed us a new level of both artistic and business minded freedom”

Protest The Hero

You remember Protest The Hero’s crowdfunding campaign, right? It’s been referenced enough times over the past six months that you should be familiar with the details: that the highly-technical Candian band smashed their Indiegogo campaign target of $125,000 by more than two and a half times, probably setting some kind of record in the process, and ensuring their survival for at least another album cycle.

Since the campaign concluded in February, pledgers and non-pledging fans alike have been waiting to hear what would become of the new record, and we’ve now got a snippet of news with the announcement that Protest have signed three distribution deals for the as-yet untitled album. Razor & Tie will get the United States, Sony will get Canada, and Spinefarm Records will get the rest of the world:

[quote-symbol symbol1]We realised pretty quickly after recording that we were going to need some help with the distribution of the traditional release. We knew we wanted our album to be available around the world in as many formats as possible. With this in mind, and with our new found sense of control we have teamed up with some new pals. All of which are completely on board with our non-traditional view moving forward.

That’s pretty cool. For all the disdain pointed their way for some of the frankly ridiculous perks – $1250 pizza party anyone? $250 handwritten lyrics sheet? – this was truly a breakthrough achievement for the band, and shows the potential for this kind of music-making in the future.

[quote-symbol symbol1]No advances, no multi-record deals, no hidden agendas. We hope you are able to get your hands on at least one of these versions of our new album, regardless of where you are in the world. It’s scary, but wonderful to say…this album absolutely would not have been possible without the generosity and support of those who contributed to the making of our new album. We will forever be in your debt!

As they say, there are two versions of the album: one for funders, and one for everyone else. Details on what these entail are so far sparse, but we expect that when the album is properly announced.

[quote-symbol symbol1]We had the pleasure of recording an album with budgets and deadlines created only by ourselves and we think the project benefited the world over because of that. We can’t thank our dedicated contributors enough for putting us in the driver seat.

Of course one of the drivers has actually amicably parted ways with Protest – long-time drummer Moe Carlson. Moe wanted to return to school, and couldn’t marry the time demands of both a college degree and a professional touring musician, so he stepped down. Lamb Of God‘s Chris Adler has since stepped in to record studio parts, which is pretty damn cool, as Adler is primo, and a well-connected dude as well. With he and Protest being buddies, it will likely open even more doors for them in the future.

So who’s excited for Protest The Hero’s fourth album? Think you’ll be able to hear Adler’s influence on the parts he played? Tired of crowdfunding, or do you think it’s the way forward for the industry?