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Psychotic Waltz are back to tame the beast for another album

Psychotic Waltz

Once upon a time, when progressive metal was young, there was a band named Psychotic Waltz. They formed in the mid 80′s under the name Aslan, along with the first wave of prog metal bands like Fates Warning, Queensryche, and Dream Theater, but never achieved the same level of recognition as their peers, and then finally broke up in 1996 – which is a damn shame, because the level of excellence found in the four albums they released is easily on par with or greater than that of the aforementioned bands. Lead vocalist Devon Graves went on to form Deadsoul Tribe, another excellent band (check out their release, The January Tree), and for a while, it looked like the Waltz would dance no more.

If nothing else, they had a completely unique sound to their own, one which actually gave them their new name after they found out there was another band called Aslan, when a friend described their sound as “some kind of psychotic waltz”, being a slow, heavy, progressive, dark, and woozy beast. The best part is their music has aged amazingly well. It certainly has the ring of the era that produced it, but it still feels fresh even two decades later.

Until recently, that is, when the band reunited with all their original members for live shows.

Even more recently, news came out that they were working on new material for a new album. When I saw that, I nearly shit myself with excitement. The band’s debut album A Social Grace is fantastic, and they continued amazing quality right up until their swansong Bleeding. There are no details as yet available for the new album, but one imagines they’ll be coming soon, and when they do, as your resident progressive metal expert I’ll be here to cover them with vigour.

Here’s some music to introduce you to the band and get you wet for new material.

What do you guys think? Were you previously familiar with the band? Does this music interest you? Are you excited for a new album from the band? Sound off in the comments!

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