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Power metal heroes and teller of legendary tales

Rhapsody of Fire

Power metal heroes and teller of legendary tales Rhapsody of Fire are all powered up to release a new album. This new album will be the first album from this half of the band after the friendly split in 2011 when guitarist Luca Turilli took his talents and formed a band called Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody with a desire for a different sonic direction.

The original band still features singer Fabio Lione, keyboardist/master of arrangements Alex Staropoli, as well as the Holzwarth brothers in the rhythm section. They recruited a new guitarist, Roberto De Micheli – apparently a former classmate of the departed Luca – to fill the guitar slot and are now done with work on a new album.

The album will be called Dark Wings of Steel, which is exactly what one would expect from a Rhapsody Of Fire album. The band released a trailer for it, featuring a clip of new music, and the release dates for the highly anticipated new album. The album art has also been revealed, and is seen at the top of this post.

And by the Dragonflame, I like what I’m hearing so far! It is speedy, grandiose, and complex. The lyrics were composed by Fabio Lione, and it makes me wonder if there is a concept behind the album, as with previous albums, or if they decided to abandon that route. The album features a full orchestra and choir, composed by Alex’s brother Manuel, who has also appeared on all other Rhapsody albums playing a baroque recorder (the most badass of all recorders).

Dark Wings Of Steel will be released in Europe on November 22nd, and in North America on December 3rd through AFM Records.

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