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Russian Circles are facing a “Deficit”


Three piece instrumental rock/metal band Russian Circles are once again gracing us with their presence, as they are set to release their newest album, Memorial later this year. In the meantime however, while we wait patiently for it’s release, the band has treated us with a new track, titled “Deficit”, and if it’s any indication to the rest of the album, we are in for one hell of an emotional ride.


The track opens with force, as a surge of vicious sounding guitars blare and ring out over the machine-like pummeling of the drums. The song is an instant skull crusher, and one that would fit well on their previous work, Geneva. Russian Circles sure knows how to write engaging and heartfelt music, the sort that envelops the listener in a wall of sound. The song continues to slowly build up tension, as wailing chords and pounding drums work together to create an ethereal yet morose soundscape that both demands and forcefully grabs attention.

Even more alluring, “Deficit” has an almost sinister quality to it, a sort of unnerving feeling that lurks beneath the deep chugs and forceful nature of the songs overall tone. At over six minutes long, “Deficit” feels almost double the length, but in a good way, as Russian Circles are masters at what they do, and building upon layers of already stellar musicianship, these guys fail to disappoint.

Another promising indicator for this album is the band’s longtime producer Brandon Curtis, who also worked on the band’s two previous albums, Empros and Geneva is once again at the helm, so expect great production values for what may be the bands most beastly and engaging release to date. You can listen to “Deficit” below, as well as see the full track list. Get stoked!

The track list is as follows:

01. Memoriam

02. Deficit

03. 1777

04. Cheyenne

05. Burial

06. Ethel

07. Lebaron

08. Memorial

Memorial will be released on October 29th via Sargent House

What do you guys think? Does this new song suit your musical sensibilities? Are you excited for the new album? Sound off in the comments!