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The Chariot: “say goodbye to what’s right”

The Chariot 2003 - 2013

You may have heard this already over the weekend, but it wouldn’t be right not to say a few words about seminal Georgian metalcore outfit The Chariot, who announced on Friday that they are to break up after one final hurrah this Autumn.

It was fairly classily done, via the following video: not a word spoken; just an out of character soft song and the announcement of a farewell tour.

Did anyone else get a little choked up?

No reason (or reasons) has been given at this point, but it feels like they may have just come to the end of their natural life. They’ve always been a band in flux; only founding frontman Josh Scogin, who left Norma Jean to found The Chariot, has been there the whole time, and they’ve had no fewer than sixteen different members throughout their time. Last year the second-longest running member Jon “KC Wolf” Kindler left the band, and he seemed like an integral part of the group; indeed, they never replaced him, with guitarists Stephen Harrison and Brandon Henderson performing bass parts on the recording of their last album One Wing.

The Chariot played an important part in my musical awakening; to the point as it was, their Unsung EP was mind-blowing at the time I heard it, and they have continued to make the music they wanted to make right until the end. My personal highlight was 2010′s Long Live; a monster of an album, which spawned one of the best DIY music videos I’ve ever seen for the track “David De La Hoz“, which also featured an awesome spoken-word section from Listener frontman Dan Smith.

So I’m really going to miss The Chariot. It may have taken me some time to get into a couple of their albums, but once they clicked it was love from there on out.

So this is the last chance you got: October 10th to November 16th, in what will likely be a North American tour only (fucking boourns), with Glass Cloud, Birds In Row, To The Wind and Rebuker, after which they will give up all their weapons and head home. The Chariot are absolutely batshit bonkers in person; one of the most energetic and carefree live bands around – cut from the same cloth as The Dillinger Escape Plan – and they’ll be a sore miss to the scene for sure. Make sure to go and see this tour if you can; dates will no doubt be announced soon.

I hope you all rest in peace; I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Are you a fan of The Chariot? Out of ten, how bummed are you? Have you ever seen them live? What was your favourite song or album from their career? Let us know!