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UK band The Elijah to split after six years together

The Elijah at Underworld

After six years of touring the UK and beyond, Oswestry, North Shropshire quintet The Elijah are breaking up, following the conclusion of their forthcoming European tour supporting Being As An Ocean with Capsize.

The news was announced very plainly via their Facebook page. There’s not much to speculate on with regard to reasons, but they will certainly be a loss to the scene.

Admittedly, I was a latecomer to their music, but came to them in the grandest possible way after witnessing their epic full album show for I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created last year, performed with the London Niche String Quartet as on record, and filmed for DVD.

Treading a musical line similarly represented by fellow Brits Devil Sold His Soul – though not as caustically aggressive and riff-heavy- The Elijah’s music is grand and emotional, falling somewhere between post-hardcore and post-rock; principle vocalist Dan Tomley roars over much of the music, which features heavy orchestration and a strong emphasis on the drums. Guitarist/singer Sean Harrison’s voice is a nice contrast to the harshness of Tomley, and he can certainly pull it off live, which is always nice.

I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created came in 2012 in the wake of two EPs – 2008′s The Ground We Stand On and A Son: A Disease in 2010, so the band haven’t been shy of output.

It also seems that the band members will be laying low for a while at least, as a fan asked them over on their Tumblr page. I wonder if this points to general disillusionment with the industry and making music, or perhaps a need to focus on their careers outside of music, rather than a falling out or something.

The our dates for the final tour are below. Go give them a good send off!

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