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Two unused songs from the Pelagial recording sessions tentatively planned to be released next year

Robin Staps The Ocean by the ocean

The Ocean’s Robin Staps writing lyrics…by the ocean

As you will no doubt have heard – in part thanks to the small disagreement between themselves and tour creator Ash Avildsen – Germano-Swiss post-metal band The Ocean have been playing on this year’s North American Summer Slaughter tour, and now that it’s over, the members have stayed stateside to have a little holiday after a solid month of playing shows, from where composer and guitarist Robin Staps checked in:

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After 33 shows in a row, lots of +12 hour night drives, countless bottles of booze, plenty of crazy parties with the 70 members of the other Summer Slaughter bands, cracked ribs, broken headstocks and generally great but exhausting times, we are finally enjoying out first 4 days off since July 20th. While Luc, Jona and Loic stayed in Mexico city, Chris and me made it down to the coast.

Hopefully you will have caught our week-long tribute to the band back in April, which coincided with the release of their latest album Pelagial. They’ve been playing as many songs from that on Summer Slaughter as their time slot would allow – it’s meant to be heard front to back without interruption – but will have to wait until their Chinese/Russian and European tour from next month onwards to do that.

We loved Pelagial – both the instrumental and vocal versions – but it seems the eleven tracks don’t encompass all of the music recorded during the sessions, with material for at least two more songs still on the cutting room floor – which may get their own release in 2014:

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The Pacific Ocean has been raging for the last 2 days and the rain was so heavy that our entire cabaña was dripping wet, but early this morning the sea went quiet and the sun finally came out – and made us realize that we’ve picked a pretty damn awesome place to stay, for 25 bucks per night! A perfect place also to write lyrics for 2 leftover songs from the Pelagial recording session, which will be released as an EP some time early next year, eventually…

It’s pleasant to think that the lyrics for new songs about the ocean, by a band called The Ocean, are being written by the ocean; there’s a definite poetry to that.

Of course, there are no details other than that, and with a lot of touring still to go, don’t expect this to be right after Christmas or anything, but it’s always good to know that your favourite bands have their eyes on the next release, which The Ocean definitely are.

Here’s The Ocean’s first official video in their thirteen-year career to tide you over!

Did any of you catch The Ocean on Summer Slaughter? Were they permitted to stage dive at the venue? How is Pelagial standing up now that the year has unveiled many more fantastic releases? And how jealous are you of where the guys are holidaying?