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New Darkspace is on the horizon!

Darkspace transmission

Space: the final frontier. It is cold, dark, suffocating, and mind-bendingly infinite. The idea of being lost in the black void, millions of light years from anything is absolutely terrifying. There is no medium that could completely and accurately reproduce that experience, but there is one band that comes close. I am of course referring to the Swiss black metal trio known as Darkspace.

Formed in 1999, the band has sporadically released a demo, and three albums of intense, void-channeling ambient black metal over the past 15 years, with the last full album being Darkspace III in 2008. Other than releasing a re-recording of their demo in 2012 and playing a couple shows, Darkspace have maintained radio silence for the past few years.

However, yesterday the band sent out a transmission. And I do mean transmission. They posted an audio file to their website containing a message in Morse code. A transcription of the message was also provided, which I have screen-capped for you at the top of this post.

Well that’s no help. Luckily, some enterprising black metal fan translated it for us. The code supposedly translates to

ENCOUNTER. GEO COORDINATES: 46.94051, 7.44396. TIME: 062200BSEP14.

That still isn’t helpful. Or is it? It clearly refers to a “Darkspace IIII” which is likely the long awaited Darkspace IV followup to the masterpiece that was Darkspace III. Second, there is a reference to a time, which seems to be 06, September 2014 at 2200 hours. Could it be the release date? Those other numbers are coordinates, in decimal latitude and longitude. They point to somewhere in Bern, Switzerland, apparently a large restaurant. When taken into consideration with the time given, perhaps we have been given the time and place of an album release show?

It is basically speculation here, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t a really cool way to announce an album, way more interesting than just saying it in a boring old press release. Long live Darkspace!

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