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Crust giants Trap Them update us on their recent goings on


Darker Handcraft, an album I consider to be one of the best of 2011 – so much so that it made my top ten list – also left me and I assume many other fans wanting more. Luckily for us, the crust/hardcore-punk rock deviants of Trap Them recently updated their fans with news that they would be hitting the studio in late 2013 with promise of a new album the following year. To further clarify that news, they recently updated their Facebook page with a pic of newly enlisted drummer Brad Fickeisen of The Red Chord behind his kit with a caption that reads:

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Drum tracking at God City for the new Trap Them LP is now complete thanks to the incredibly talented & ferocious Brad Fickeisen. Now on to guitars!


It will be interesting to see how well Brad fits in with the rest of the bands sound – but if his previous work has anything to say about it, it points to positive results.

The new album is slated for an early release in 2014 via Prosthetic Records, and will be helmed by none other than Converge’s Kurt Ballou down at GodCity Studios. And we all know with Kurt behind the board, this album is poised to destroy speakers and ears alike. Also, if their last album is any indication – particularly the closing track “Scars Align - is there a possibility of hearing more down-tempo/sludge influenced tracks? I personally hope so, as it was a nice juxtaposition against their usual frantic nature.

Anyway, it seems 2014 is shaping up to be a good year – but until then, why not revisit and rekindle your love for their latest album, as you slowly count down the days to the new albums release. Get stoked!

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