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Old Wounds Deliver Some Delicious New Jersey Hardcore – Get Stuck In!


It turns out that New Jersey hardcore is alive and well: crusty hardcore outfit Old Wounds is streaming their upcoming release From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest over at Brooklyn Vegan. These Jersey boys play some seriously abrasive punk – the kind that will have you throwing a brick through your local police department’s window in no time.

Old Wounds typically kick it old school, preferring to unleash their hardcore fury in quick spurts of a couple songs: From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest will be the band’s fifth release, but their first record over EP length. At twelve tracks, the album is over twice as long as any of the band’s previous efforts. Fortunately, it seems Old Wounds works just as well when crafting a long form piece. At first blush, the record is nicely paced – easily holding the listener’s interest through its duration. With only a single song clocking in at over three minutes, Old Wounds keep things moving, never lingering too long on any riff.


While Old Wounds’ most acclaimed release, Terror Eyes, was a punk-based sludge-fest, From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest continues the band’s maturation process, offering up a batch of blisteringly vitriolic hardcore songs. There are still some sludgy touches, but this time around Old Wounds opts for a more metallic hardcore driven sound that is downright filthy. Like on previous releases, there is the occasional rock riff tossed in to add a dash of rollicking fun. Everything on this album seems tailored just to get the listener’s head nodding and heart pumping – and it works. This is straightforward aggressive music, displaying slightly more subtlety than a kick to the rib cage. It’s also exciting and entertaining music that warrants repeated spins – it’s an addictive bit of modern hardcore and proof that there are still some smouldering embers in the ashes of the punk movement.

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