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Cinematic post-rock duo Nordic Giants prepare for debut full-length

Nordic Giants 2015 banner

It was with joy we reported late last year that British experimental duo Nordic Giants had signed with progressive label Kscope in order to release their debut album. They’ve released a smattering of gorgeous EPs over the years, including 2013′s double Build Seas/Dismantle Suns - all under their own steam – and gathered an impressive and devoted following.

The giants have since decamped to somewhere in mainland Europe (we can only assume somewhere in Scandinavia, but your guess is as good as ours) in order to expand their influence.

It wasn’t so long ago, but it’s clear Loki and Roka have been hard at work on this one, and they’ve today announced the album’s title - A Séance Of Dark Delusions – unveiled its artwork, and of course set a release date.

What we really wanted was new choons though, and as luck would have it, there is one! It’s called “Rapture“, and feels suitably epic for such a moniker.

As often happens with Nordic Giants, there’s a guest vocalist, and for this one it’s a lady called Beth Cannon, who joins such luminaries as Cate FerrisJake ReidAlex Hedley and Freyja - the latter of whom will make a return on A Séance Of Dark Delusions, along with Saturday Sun and Nadine Wild Palmer.

Aside from being fantastic and creative musicians in their own right, these collaborations always yield exciting results, and lend a broad appeal to NG’s output.

If you’ve not seen them before, you may also be unaware that they are a fucking tour-de-force live. Not content with just playing their instruments, the pair dress like apocalyptic birdmen, bedecked in feathers, masks and tribal markings. They also play videos that marry perfectly with their music; such films as The Gift by Big Lazy Robot, Portal fan movie No Escape by, and The Last Breath by David Jackson.

So the visuals are also important, which brings us to the brief visual trailer for the album:

Expect this to be awesome. A Séance Of Dark Delusions will be out April 6th through Kscope. Nordic Giants are to shortly announce an 11-city European tour, so keep your eyes peeled for that and DO NOT MISS IT!