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Norma Jean are well on their way with sixth studio album

According to a rather unambiguous Instagram posting, Christian metalcore act Norma Jean have finished tracking their new record. The as-yet untitled album will be their second release with Razor & Tie since parting ways with longtime label Solid State Records. Judging by some of the pictures we’ve been teased with, it’s most certainly going to be an interesting and memorable entry in the band’s discography.

As a fan, I am obligated to get excited about this album, however I believe there is good reason to be bullish about Norma Jean’s prospects. While I still haven’t yet totally connected with the band’s last Solid State release, The Anti-Mother, I found 2010’s Meridional to be a well-crafted and entertaining piece of modern metalcore – one that continued their post- Josh Scogin exploration of various hard rock and alternative motifs, without failing to inject the aggression and fury for which Norma Jean is renowned for. Meridional is a heavy record that managed to balance catchiness and creativity with a grace that few bands in the genre can muster; if it is the start of an upswing, then the next record should be one to remember.

But what do you think, dear reader? Are you excited for a new Norma Jean record? Did you dig on Meridional as much as I did? Are Norma Jean even relevant anymore? Do you hate being questioned about Christian metalcore bands that take liberal influence from Coalesce Botch by some pretentious writer? Okay, here’s a song:

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