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Omnium Gatherum Release A New Music Video From Beyond

Omnium Gatherum

This isn’t the first time at The Monolith that we’ve tried to convince you of Omnium Gatherum‘s greatness. First we had our review of their new album, Beyond, which is one of the highest scored albums we’ve ever reviewed. Then we wrote about their music video for “The Unknowing”  which is a powerful and resonating experience.

Now, they’re back and this time with another music video for a track called “Formidable“, which is one of the more straight forward “Omnium Gatherum-esque” songs on the record, but is also a shining example of why Beyond is a band at the top of their game.

The Finnish melodeath titans have mastered their craft and created a blueprint for melodic death metal that they can truly call their own. The guitars are heavy, but also soft; they soar and pirouette in the sky, but then come crashing down on you when you least expect it. Everything about their sound is just pure precision, the percussion serves the music perfectly and the vocals are caustic and fierce, yet dripping with sadness. What’s even more impressive is their vocalist’s ability to enunciate so well and make the lyrics clearly discernible. Special mention also goes to the delicate and sparsely used synths that never overpower the music, instead just another well gauged piece of the puzzle. “Formidable” is probably one of the weaker songs featured on Beyond, yet it is still a magnificent piece of melodeath, which goes some way to prove that the name is apt. If this isn’t even Omnium Gatherum at their best and it still surpasses most of the genre; then that truly makes this Finnish sextet a force to be reckoned with.

The video itself is not as visually arresting as their previous, as it’s merely a live video that’s cut up with some backstage footage. While it’s not the most exciting or unique video, it does go some way to show the band in their prime, and it blends nicely with the emotion of their music as it displays the strong bond that the band not only have with each other, but their fans as well.

What do you guys think? Do you hate live videos? Do you wish they’d been more adventurous? Do you like this song? What’s your favourite song from Beyond? Sound off in the comments!

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