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Omnium Gatherum

Omnium Gatherum are the phenomenal Finnish melodeath giants that you all should know about. The fact that this band’s audience is still somewhat marginal is an absolute travesty. At The Monolith we’ve been extremely lucky to have their forthcoming album Beyond locked in our dungeons for quite a while now. We published a review a while back, way before it’s release date (February 25th in Europe and March 5th in North America) just to torture all of you. We’re nice guys like that. Sadly, due to our pre-emptive excitement and enthusiasm, When we published the original article there weren’t any songs available from the album that we could share with you, however that has changed now that the band has released their first music video in anticipation for the album’s release. We gave Beyond one of the highest scores we’ve ever given out so we really cannot stress enough how spectacular and unmissable this album is for the melodeath genre.

The video is for the song “The Unknowing” which is one of the many amazing tracks that comprise the album. It’s incredibly hard to pick a favourite of the album, but “The Unknowing” is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the record. The song itself is a beautiful and sophisticated medley of melodeath proficiency shaped by the emotion emitted from the sublime use of keys and impassioned vocals. The solos are heart-wrenching and are pure musical bliss, there’s no need for the band to try and show off here as they are truly masters of the craft. The video is comprised of well shot band footage juxtaposed with a serene setting of the cycle of the sun on an ocean shore. The tranquil setting, saturated with deep and provocative colours assists in amplifying the power already generated by the song – strengthening its impact on your senses. The song culminates in an emotive, slow passage of intricate keys and stark imagery, creating a very memorable and captivating video.

If you were previously holding out on getting acquainted with Omnium Gatherum there’s really no excuse now. Get on it!

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