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Orphaned Land release new music video from their impending album All Is One

Orphaned Land - All Is One

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Orphaned Land‘s impending new album, All Is One. The incredible progressive metal band from Israel have unveiled yet another treat for us in the form of a new music video for the song “Brother“. It’s the first official video release we’ve had from the album, with the other two tracks unveiled so far only coming with lyric videos accompaniments.

Brother” is a beautiful, ethereal song that is filled to the proverbial brim with very real emotion. Kobi Farhi‘s vocals are delivered with an earnest quality not often found in metal vocalists; this is a man who truly believes in his message of peace and unity between everyone. The instrumentation blends powerful orchestral passages with fragile piano work and soaring guitar parts, and Farhi’s keen understanding of vocal melodies. The whole song just coalesces perfectly into a very beautiful and moving piece of music.

The video is a compilation of behind the scenes clips from the album’s recording. While that may seem trite in most cases, here it really works due to the song’s flow and the fact that we get to see how well the band work together. Interspersed with album recording clips are small snippets of the band spending time together, demonstrating the unity and peace between the members of the band. These clips combined with the song really makes you feel like the band are welcoming you in as part of one big extended family and as a result synchronises perfectly with their music and their message, which is what any great music video should endeavour to do.

The highlight of “Brother” is the incredible lead-in of the choir at the end of the song that take over vocal duties from Farhi and deliver an astounding finale that really drives the message of the song home. Even though this is more of a ballad than the previous song “Our Own Messiah“, Orphaned Land’s song writing skills have excelled here and managed to craft a delicate and soulful track that stays clear from what would normally be considered as “cheesy territory”, as ballads are often wont to do. As a result, despite the ‘soft’ nature of this song, this is a great piece to just drift away with.

Farhi explains the meaning of “Brother” as:

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This is a song that Itshak is singing to his brother Ishmael. According to the bible, they were both the sons of Abraham from two different mothers. Today, Itshak is known as the father of the Israeli nation while Ishmael is known as the father of the Arab nation. Historically, that means of course that it’s a historical fact that Israelis and Arabs are brothers and we believe that the deepest source for our actual conflict still lies there, between the two brothers.

Both sides today are so focused on being right in the conflict and fill themselves with hate. Every side is so busy with being the victim, and today it doesn’t make sense to either one of the sides that we are historically brothers. People forgot it, forgot that our language is alike, as well as our names and history.

An interesting thing is that in the Jewish bible, there is a story where Abraham took Itshak to the mountain to sacrifice him to God. Muslims have the same exact story, but in their version it was Ishmael on the mountain. Everyone shapes history according to his own version, and we have conflicts about even the oldest stories, just as if we were two kids in a fight. And therefore, there is a line in the song that says: ‘The lord blessed us both, but we still fight and claim, that kid on the mountain – what was his name’.

Brother” is a love song for a forgotten beloved brother who turned into a blood enemy. And before people go and start with politic comments, this has nothing to do with politics, or being left or right wing, Jew, Muslim or anything else. We are not taking any sides as musicians, we just tell a story, and we decided to be the first grown-up brother in this story and ask: ‘Forgive me, brother’. Mainly because being mature and grown-up sometimes means that you have to say you’re sorry, even if it’s not only your fault.

We dedicate this song with much love, hope and belief to our beloved Israeli & Arab brothers.

Despite its relative simplicity, Orphaned Land demonstrate once again that you can accomplish so much with music if you just focus on honestly conveying emotion. This makes me extremely excited for the new album.

All Is One will be released later this year via Century Media Records.

What do you guys think? Does this song move you? Are you excited for the new Orphaned Land record? Sound off in the comments!

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